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Overview of Squid Game Marble.


Squid Game Marble is a hole shooting game, complete the mission to survive. Be the ultimate winner to get the biggest bonus.

This is one of a series of deadly challenges in today's hottest movie "Squid Game". Experience a variety of emotions for yourself in this Korean drama such as anxiety, nervousness, and joy when completing a survival mission.


If you are a big fan of this hit movie, don't miss any chance to experience the challenge with these realistic 3D graphics. Thrilling content will take you into unforgettable exciting moments.


Quid Content in Squid Game Marble.


In this Squid Game, You will be taken to a table that resembles a game of billiards. However, there will only be a single marble and a hole. Your task is to calculate to accurately aim the white marble into the hole to pass the mission.

The game will progress to the later levels much more difficult with barriers that make the path of the moving marble more difficult.


Attention: the rulers are wearing red suits and holding guns around, they are always stalking those who have failed missions to open fire. You will be destroyed if you cannot get the billiard ball into the hole.


Skill: Carefully observe the position of the hole and the ball, calculate the exact physical distance to give the most suitable path and speed.

How long can you survive? Did you get the winner's bonus amount?

How To Play Squid Game Marble

Use the mouse to adjust the red button to calculate the correct direction.

Drag the mouse back to adjust the speed and release the mouse to shoot the billiard ball.

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